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Project C

New York State Community Engagement & Neighborhood Development

When we look at our communities, we don’t just see customers, we see our neighbors. So we want to do more than provide reliable, quality service, we want to provide lasting support. We do this by taking part in a variety of neighborhood impact programs to create more equitable communities in the areas we serve. This includes investment in local organizations, volunteer initiatives, community outreach, New York restoration projects, and beyond. Together with our partners, we will build stronger communities in New York.

Boy cleaning up trash


Project C is a mainstay in local communities, and our goals reflect our desire to serve wherever our assistance is most needed. We aim to:

  • volunteer to serve our communities on the ground
  • restore local neighborhoods with the support of community organizations
  • provide community development grants to 750 community organizations
  • beautify local buildings and landmarks to reflect our community pride


Coming together for our communities

There is power in numbers. By working with local organizations, we can increase our community engagement and achieve our goals of providing support to New York communities. Our partners and programs work hard to provide a positive neighborhood impact, whether it be in education, jobs, or better community facilities.


Contact us

Want to get your community organization or neighborhood project involved with Project C? Contact us at to learn more about how we can work together to create change in your community.


Articles and updates

See what community outreach programs we are working on in your neighborhood as well as our plans for future projects.

With more than $1.1 million in grants, we are helping to revitalize Western New York through nine economic development projects.

As part of the NIA Community Services Network’s Read Out Loud Campaign, our grant is supporting over 5,000 students with access to books and after-school libraries.

National Grid recently invested more than $2.6 million in economic development funds for projects in central and northern New York aimed at growing the regional economy.

Featured community projects

Hear what our partners have to say about working with Project C on community and neighborhood improvement projects.