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NYS Workforce Development

What is workforce development?

The only way to create equitable change for workers is to offer them sufficient training and hands-on experience. As clean energy grows to become one of the biggest industries for employment, we’re providing workforce development opportunities. In doing so, we can train the new clean energy workforce, equipping individuals with the skills they need to succeed. At the same time, we are providing young people opportunities to learn about STEM occupations to give them the pathway toward a brighter future.

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Through our goals, we are working to build a better, more prepared workforce. We aim to:

  • provide mentorship to clean energy workers
  • work with economic development organizations to support their local workers
  • provide education to increase opportunities in STEM occupations
  • provide employees with green technology job training to match the growing clean energy industry
  • offer New York State workforce development grants with our partners.

Working together for our workforce

To help fill the gaps in workforce and job training, we use our resources to support organizations like chambers of commerce and economic development committees to serve the most workers possible.

Contact us

Whether you are a worker who wants to learn new skills or an organization that wants to partner with us on new projects, contact us today at


Articles and updates

Learn more about our recent partnerships, employee training, and workforce development projects.

In partnership with Bloc Power and New York Edge, young people in New York City and Long Island are receiving heat pump awareness training to provide them with new job skills for the clean energy workforce.

We are supporting Syracuse’s PGR Foundation in its mission to provide girls with skills in science, technology, engineering, and math, and expose them to STEM-related careers.

To help replace National Grid’s light-duty vehicles with fully electric vehicles by 2030, we have trained 16 fleet technicians to service the new electric vehicles, and will continue to train new technicians as needed.

Hear what our partners have to say

Learn more about our workforce development programs from our partners.