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Workforce Development

What is workforce development?

We are offering training and hands-on experience to help workers succeed. This includes providing more opportunities in the growing clean energy sector to help train the new clean energy workforce. And for our younger community members, we are offering STEM education and youth training programs to give them the pathway toward a brighter future.

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Provide mentorship to clean energy workers

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Support local workers to succeed

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Offer students NYS STEM scholarships

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Deliver employees green technology job training

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Supply New York State workforce development grants

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Give energy vendors resources to increase their efficiency

Our programs

We are working with New York State to create a more inclusive workforce by offering workforce development opportunities to employees.

Working together with five free SUNY Online Training Centers, we are giving young people more resources for their future education and/or careers, including $3 million in gateway grants to students transitioning to community college and the working world.

With the help of Ascend Long Island and Bloc Power, our incubation and accelerator programs are creating a more diverse workforce for the clean energy future and closing the gap in certified energy efficiency vendors.

Our employees have already volunteered countless hours helping youth find employment. By 2030, we expect to support 22,500 young people with green technology job training and other important skills.

This new program aims to grow green businesses and job opportunities by providing weatherization and energy efficiency training to vendors and workers. Learn more about the Grid Collective.

Working together for our workforce

To help fill the gaps in workforce and job training, we are working together with local organizations to serve the most workers possible.
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Upgrading buildings to be smarter, greener and healthier for all to help fight against climate change and create good green jobs.

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Providing vital resources in procurement, access to capital and access to markets to small business owners on Long Island.


Offering innovative workforce development opportunities that will help build skills and create the new green workforce of NYC.

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Giving young people hands-on experience and the opportunity to learn about careers in the utility industry.

Articles & updates

Check out our latest partnerships and workforce development projects.

The new program aims to grow green businesses and job opportunities by providing weatherization and energy efficiency training to vendors and workers.

We were approved by the U.S. Department of Defense as a partner for its SkillBridge career development program.

In partnership with the Buffalo Museum of Science, the Science on Wheels program rolled into Buffalo schools to introduce students to new learning activities.

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