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Where can we help you today?

We can help you reduce your heating and cooling costs.

Maximize the way you manage and utilize your building’s energy through our Total Building Comfort program. We can assess your building’s energy performance, then make recommendations to create a more comfortable, safer, productive environment, while reducing energy consumption and overhead costs.

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Create a more comfortable, cost-effective building.

We’ll work within your budget to modify your building’s envelope in order to optimize energy efficiency. Here are some ways we can help:

Ensure outdoor weather conditions don’t impact your tenants’ indoor comfort.

Properly seal doors, windows, wall cavities, electrical outlets and lower your energy costs.

Reduce energy loss by ensuring walls, ceilings and roofs are properly insulated.

Total Building Comfort by region.

Learn more about ensuring Total Building Comfort for buildings in these regions: New York City, Long Island, and now offering weatherization in Upstate New York


Additional Energy-Efficiency Programs

National Grid offers a number of other programs for commercial & industrial and multifamily buildings. These include:


Commercial Energy-Efficiency Programs
We offer special incentives, expertise and product rebates for commercial & industrial, small business and multifamily buildings.

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Custom Incentive Measures
We offer up to 70% off custom gas-saving measures not covered by other incentive programs.



Prescriptive Incentive Measures
We offer incentives on highly efficient natural gas equipment upgrades on steam traps, furnaces, water heaters and controls.

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Total Building Comfort for your home.

Total Building comfort isn’t just for commercial & industrial buildings. Learn how we can help improve your home’s envelope, too.

Get started with your project.

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