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Who We Are

Our Worcester, Massachusetts Sustainability Hub opened its doors in 2013 on Main Street across from the Clark University Campus. Our goal at the Hub ever since its conception has been to bring energy to life by uniting the Massachusetts community as we strive towards a future that prioritizes sustainability, energy efficiency and a healthier environment for everyone.

The Hub has been modeled to resemble a home of the future, including everyday examples of different technologies and appliances that increase energy efficiency. These innovations are on display for all visitors, as well as our smart meter system that interacts with each appliance and the grid itself.

As a national model for community engagement, the Hub includes a meeting and learning space where National Grid employees, customers, businesses, and members of the community can interact, learn, take tours, and form partnerships to achieve their mutual sustainability goals. Meeting spaces, virtual presentations and in-person tours are all available to the community by appointment.

The 2,200 square foot Sustainability Hub is the result of a donation from our partner Clark University, this partnership among others are the fabric that the Hub is built upon.

Our day-to-day mission is to build new partnerships like these and to establish as many relationships with the Massachusetts community as possible.

To join us in this pursuit, explore this website, follow us on Twitter, watch us on YouTube, like us on Facebook, and find our photos on Instagram