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Green Buildings and Facilities

Worcester Energy is one of a handful of companies that developed a map of the local LEED certified buildings in Worcester. The level of certification is denoted by either a gold, silver or star icon placed on the site of each LEED building. Likewise, PlugShare is an excellent resource to check out if you are interested in finding a nearby charger for Electric Vehicles. As of June 2022, Worcester has 59 chargers for public use and 350 total in Worcester County.

Additional Resources

Interested in learning terminology relating to Environmentalism? Or perhaps you’re interested in energy-efficient technologies? There are many great resources to study online! Quizlet is an excellent resource, given it serves as a study tool for thousands of high school and college students. There are sets of textbook questions and individually designed study sets to meet individual needs. You can search for any topic using keywords and Quizlet will list a set of suggested questions. Click here for a sample set we created. There are also study sets created by different organizations, such as the Sustainable Business Network.