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Services and Rebates

Energy Saving Programs

  • Commercial Heating
    Keeping your workplace warm and comfortable can mean huge heating bills, especially in the winter months. We offer payment plans for budgeting all year round, as well as rebates and incentives on energy-efficient heating technology.

  • Cooling
    Saving energy is not only for the winter months. During the summer, outdated air conditioning and poor sealing and insulation can waste energy, resulting in hefty electricity bills.

  • Lighting
    Lighting can make up 50 percent of a commercial building’s energy bill, but it is also one of the easiest things to change. LED and CFL light bulbs use 75 percent less energy, saving up to $200 for every five bulbs replaced.  

  • Cogeneration
    Managing the energy needs of a big facility can be a daunting prospect. We routinely work with commercial, industrial, and municipal customers to reduce energy costs on a large scale.

  • Kitchen Equipment
    Enhance the culinary experience and your bottom line. By replacing or adding energy-efficient equipment, you can improve performance and cut costs 10 to 30 percent.

  • ConnectedSolutions
    We are committed to reducing peak electric demand on our system, and we need your help. Please join our Connected Solutions demand response program. By reducing electric use on request during periods of high energy demand, we can reduce emissions, infrastructure costs and utility prices.

  • Electric Vehicle Charging
    Partner with us to: install Level 2 or direct current fast charging (“DCFC”) stations or participate in a fleet electrification study.


The MassSave program can help just about everyone in Massachusetts save money on energy bills, including landlords, businesses and schools.  It offers incentives on energy efficient appliances, including Energy Star-certified appliances, as well as free energy assessments, courtesy of a certified energy specialist. MassSave also provides a series of rebates, discounts, and loans for energy efficient products in Massachusetts business.