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Frequently Asked Questions

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation, the Sustainability Hub is operating a hybrid schedule with both virtual and pre-scheduled in-person events. 

An in-person tour of the Hub typically lasts around 45 minutes to an hour if there are a lot of questions. However, we can easily tailor our tour to meet the time constraints of any group.

We like to keep tours to under 20 guests at a time given space restrictions at some tour stops. However, larger groups can be split and their start times staggered to accommodate. We have successfully accommodated groups of up to 100 visitors.

Of course! We encourage all groups, businesses, and organizations to book our community room for meetings or events. Feel free to have food delivered from some of our local spots! Once the Hub is open, check back to reserve the Community Room.  Find out more.

When the Hub reopens, we will have a page on our website dedicated to tour booking. You will be able to simply fill out the form with the reason for your visit, a description of your group, your contact information, a list of preferred dates, and submit. We will respond within 24 hours. Once the Hub is open, check back on our Services page to schedule a tour.

We are happy to conduct tours all day as long as it remains within our operating hours. We just ask that you book your tours at least two weeks in advance if you plan to take up a substantial portion of our day.

Please visit our Services page for a full description of what we cover on our tours.

Yes! We have a parking lot across the street from our location. However, the parking lot is owned by Clark University, so you will need to display a parking pass on your dashboard. When we reopen, send us an email stating the reason for your visit and we will send you a PDF copy of the parking pass that you can print out and place on your dashboard.  We also have parking passes available at the Hub that we can provide when you arrive. Remember to be careful when crossing the street and use the crosswalk!

We cater to all ages (including adults)! Our tour is fairly flexible and can be modified based on the composition of the group. When you book a tour, we ask that you share with us the age range of the group and their educational background as it pertains to sustainability and renewable energy.

Always. To date, we have presented on topics such as sustainable agriculture, climate policy, activism, renewable energy, and the Hub itself. Each group has different needs, and we are more than happy to meet them. We ask that you let us know ahead of time what your group requires and we can work closely with you to develop a presentation that aligns with your curriculum.  Schedule a Virtual Presentation

Yes! We charge $3 per lightbulb and $5 for two. All proceeds are donated directly to the Boys and Girls Club of Worcester. Once the Hub is open, stop by to purchase yours.

Unfortunately, we do not have the authority to access customer accounts at our location. We can do our best to answer any questions that you may have, but you will be better assisted by visiting the National Grid contact page.

No, you cannot pay your bill at the Hub. Paying your bill online is the quickest and easiest way to pay. However, there are a number of locations near the Hub where customers can visit to pay in-person. Find a list of our Payment Locations