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Introducing our geothermal energy program.

We’re committed to a clean energy future. As part of our vision to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, we’re evaluating the potential for geothermal energy to provide highly efficient space heating and cooling for our residential and commercial customers. We’re reaching out to you to join our networked geothermal energy demonstration pilot program. The future of fossil-free clean energy is happening right now. And we’ll help you get ready.

How do geothermal energy systems work?

A geothermal system transports heat through a buried piping network, circulating water with an environmentally friendly additive. The constant temperature of the ground is used as a heat source during winter and transfers indoor heat to the ground for cooling during the summer.

Heating mode

Cooling mode

Information about our pilot program

Our five-year geothermal program will explore if a geothermal network can be used to replace our residential and commercial customers’ natural gas service. As part of the geothermal program, National Grid will install and operate geothermal networks at up to four separate locations, serving a group of customers having diversity in size and use. If you’re already a natural gas customer, you will be given priority status for participation in the program.

What are the costs to participate in the program?

If you are selected and join our Program*, there is a participant fee per heat pump and a customer charge for the geothermal energy service in accordance with the rate schedule shown below.

Rate Type Participant Monthly Fee Customer Charge
Residential $60.00 $4.00
Residential Low Income $45.00 $3.00
Commercial or Industrial $90.00 $4.00

*If you are selected to participate in our Geothermal Program, we will help evaluate your energy costs before and after your participation.

Community Updates

We're committed to keeping the community engaged and up-to-date throughout the pilot process.  Our efforts have included direct mailings, on-site and virtual meetings, door-to-door outreach, and participation in community events. You can read about recent project milestones in our newsletters.


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