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Paperless Billing

Experience the power of paperless billing

Searching through piles of paper to find your bill. Rummaging through drawers to find a stamp. We’ve all been there. We're here to help with paperless billing that changes all of that.

Go Paperless Today

Less clutter
View and/or download up to 24 months of previous bills. This means fewer pieces of paper to file and organize – which saves you valuable time.

More convenience
Always know when your bill will arrive, get reminders and pay right from your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Enhanced security
Encrypted access offers added protection against identity theft from stolen mail.

Exactly the same
The bill we send to your inbox is exactly the same as the one we send to your mailbox.

A more rewarding choice
Save on postage and receive a monthly bill credit when you enroll.

Go Green
Going paperless reduces environmental impact and saves trees.

Looking for other ways to view and pay your bill?

We’re Here to Help!

National Grid supports doxo™, an online service and mobile app that allows you to view and pay bills from one centralized place*. Additionally, many banks offer the ability to view and pay National Grid bills from their website. Visit your bank's website for more information and look for the "Get Bill" icon. Get Bill

*The doxo™ website and mobile app are independently operated and maintained by doxo™ inc., a third-party vendor selected by National Grid. National Grid is neither responsible for the content of the doxo™ website, nor the security and information policies and practices of this vendor.


Frequently asked questions about our enhanced paperless billing experience.

When it comes to paperless billing, there are many reasons you may choose to make the switch from paper to electronic bills. With paperless billing you’ll: 

  • Receive a monthly on-bill credit. 
  • Protect the environment.
  • Avoid Post Office delays.
  • Instant delivery to your inbox

Log into your online profile and enroll online through My Account or My Business Account for multiple accounts. If you’re not already registered, have your account number ready, which can be found on your most recent bill.

Yes, a printed or emailed copy is an acceptable way to prove your address. 

You can update your information anytime on your account page. Just log in directly to your online profile.  Then navigate to "Profiles & Account Settings" and update your email address under "Profile Information". 

Yes. You can print out a copy when you receive your bill by clicking "View Bill" in the email and then print it, or you can access your last 24 months of bills online from your online profile.

Yes, they are identical and contain all the same information. 

Yes. We will send you an email, text or both. To set up your reminders, go to the “Notification Preferences” under “Settings and Preferences” on your online profile

Yes. You can access your last 24 months of billing statements on your online profile. You can also save emails from previous months to refer back to old bills and print if needed.  

No. But most find it to be easier and more convenient to pay electronically.

Yes. You can read our full privacy policy

Two-step authentication is a security feature which ensures that only you have access to view your bill and personal information.

For those without a web profile (guest experience): two-step authentication includes your email address where the paperless bill is delivered and entering either your phone number, SSN or taxpayer ID associated with your account. We strongly encourage all customers to create a web profile.

For those with a web profile: two-step authentication includes your email address where the paperless bill is delivered and logging in to your My Account online profile.  

You can use the ten-digit phone number or last 4 digits of SSN or Taxpayer ID on your account.

You can enter your information five times before being locked out. You can try again in 60 minutes to enter your information or log into your online web profile.  

With a bank account:

  • Click "Sign in to pay by bank" in your paperless bill email or log into your online web profile.

With a credit card:

  • Click "Pay by credit card" in your paperless bill email or navigate to to "Pay by Credit/Debit Card" under our ways to pay page.

No. You have the option to enroll all or a select few accounts in paperless billing. You can easily bulk enroll multiple accounts in paperless billing in My Business Account.