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National Grid
Long Island NY Change Location

If we don’t get a regular reading of your energy use, we must estimate your monthly charges. Use any of these methods to submit your monthly meter reading and keep your bills accurate:

  • Submit your metering reading online.
  • Call us at 1-800-930-5003. Have your reading and National Grid customer ID on hand.
  • Email us a photo of your meter. On your next scheduled meter reading date, send your meter photo, along with your name, address, and National Grid account number, to LImeterreads@nationalgrid.com.
  • Give us your keys. If you prefer that we check your meter, we recommend providing us a copy of your keys. Our customers’ keys are stored in a secure, confidential file, and no identifying information is attached to the key.

Say Goodbye to Estimated Bills!

Automated meter reading is here, which means we no longer need access to your property to get accurate readings.

How to Read a Meter

Wondering what all those dials mean? We’ll teach you how to read your meter.