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National Grid
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Our commitment to your well-being is not limited to providing safe, reliable service. We’re also dedicated to eliminating preventable accidents and illness with your help.
To report a gas emergency, call 1-800-490-0045 or 911.

Natural Gas Safety

Learn to recognize and react to dangerous conditions and prevent accidents before they occur.

Storm Safety

Although we can’t predict the weather, we can prepare for it. Keep safe before, during, and after the worst weather-related events.

Hot Weather Safety

As temperatures rise, so do the risks of heart failure and stroke. Learn the difference between discomfort and danger in hot weather in this brochure (PDF).

Cold Weather Safety

Learn the symptoms of hypothermia and when you should seek treatment in this brochure (PDF).

First Responders Safety

Free online training, interactive tools, training materials, and videos for teams working near gas and electric facilities.

Contractor Safety

If you work around electric lines and natural gas facilities, find guidelines to keep your team safe, and order your free safety kit here. 

Safety Education Materials

Want to engage students in safety, energy efficiency, the environment, and ethics? We offer free learning resources here.