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Energy Supplier Bill

How to Read Your Bill

Every National Grid bill gives a breakdown of exactly what you are being charged. Review this sample bill and compare it to your own.

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ESCO Bill - Page 2This portion of your bill contains basic information of your Energy Supplier Company (ESCO). For question regarding your supply, please contact your ESCO company listed in this section of your bill. Learn about Energy Choice for more information about ESCOs. NOTE: National Grid does not contact its customers to market an ESCO company, nor their supply rates.If you see "National Grid" listed here, then that means National Grid is responsible for the Delivery and Supply of your service.Here are some things to consider when choosing your energy supplier. ·Legit: Do your research to confirm the legitimacy of an ESCO. Contact you state regulatory website for a list of authorized companies. ·Cancellation fees: Some ESCOs enforce a cancellation fee when opting out of a contract. ·Read through the terms of agreement before signing ·Compare rates: energy supply rates fluctuate; it is important that you compare National Grid’s rate with other ESCO’s rate.

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