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Saving energy starts with you. With help from us.

A more energy-efficient home can lower your energy bills and increase your comfort. Start here with your home energy experts at National Grid. You’ll find more ways to save and great ideas to make your home better. We’ll also help you manage your bills so you can plan your budget. From energy-efficiency tips and product rebates, to environmentally-friendly paperless billing, we are your one-stop resource for saving today.

Energy Saving Programs

From simple product replacements to whole-system solutions we can help you save energy and improve your home.

Convert to Natural Gas

It’s not often you can improve your family’s comfort while saving money. But clean, efficient natural gas does just that!

Budget Billing

Divide your annual energy costs into 12 balanced, monthly charges to keep the “peaks and valleys” out of your bills.

Electric Vehicles

EVs are cleaner and more efficient than conventional vehicles and produce few to no emissions. 

Sustainability Hub

We are pleased to introduce a center of innovation and community engagement in the City of Worcester – The National Grid Sustainability Hub.