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Storm Alert

National Grid is prepared for the 4th Nor’easter to hit our region in 3 weeks. Our crews are prepared in the event the forecasted snowstorm causes damage to our region’s natural gas network, and we want to ensure you are prepared, too. As you dig out of your homes and businesses, remember the deep snowpack left by snow removal equipment may have clogged vents, furnaces and other appliances. These conditions could lead to natural gas leaks. If you suspect a gas leak, make sure you leave the premises immediately and call National Grid’s emergency number at 1-718-643-4050.

Come home to better.

Why save energy? Because it’s better for everyone. A well-maintained, energy-efficient home can lower your energy bills, enhance your comfort, and increase your property’s value. Reducing your energy consumption puts less strain on our infrastructure, delaying the need for new power plants and minimizing outages and higher costs. And when we all save energy, we do our part for the environment. From energy-saving tips to rebates on equipment upgrades, we have the tools you need to start saving energy today.

Single-family homes or apartments, city lofts or country farms, historic houses or new construction—home means something different to everyone. Let us help make the place you call home even better.

How can you start saving right now? Check out these Energy Saving Tips.