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National Grid’s first-of-its-kind renewable energy RFI validates a fossil-free energy strategy for the Northeast


WALTHAM, MA, and BROOKLYN, NY – National Grid has located robust stocks of renewable natural gas (RNG) and hydrogen potentially available for its customers in Massachusetts and New York through the Company’s first-of-its kind Northeast clean energy request for information (RFI) issued in May. Procurement of RNG and hydrogen are essential to National Grid’s plan to deliver a 100% fossil-free gas network for customers who do not electrify their homes or businesses.


Through the RFI responses, the company has determined there will be at least 33 trillion BTUs (TBtus) available in the next three years, more than double the 15 TBtus needed in 2025. National Grid has determined that these fossil-free energy supplies are either immediately available or could be online within two years of contracting the projects, validating the company’s vision for fossil-free heat in the Northeast.


“The RFI response alone is nearly double our 2025 need for fossil-free fuel and our analysis indicates that this initial response is not nearly the extent of RNG, hydrogen, and other innovative renewable resources that National Grid can procure,” said James Holodak, Vice President, Energy Procurement, National Grid. “These results are an important proof-point that, with the right policy and regulatory support, within two years of contracting these projects, National Grid would be able to deliver an affordable and reliable clean energy transition for our customers.”

National Grid is committed to helping both Massachusetts and New York achieve their climate goals. The Company is working to significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions across the power, transportation, and building heat sectors, the latter being responsible for nearly 40 percent of total emissions in our service territory. Both RNG and hydrogen are key to achieving this net zero energy future.


RNG has proven to be a safe and reliable clean energy source that already heats homes and businesses in the United Kingdom. Further, the U.S. Department of Energy allocated hundreds of millions of dollars to develop a scalable hydrogen economy over the next decade. National Grid will deliver these clean energies via a 100 percent fossil-free gas network, coupled with targeted electrification and enhanced energy efficiency, to provide our customers with reliable and affordable clean energy choices that leave no customer or community behind during the clean energy transition.


Renewable Natural Gas 
Renewable natural gas (RNG) is an immediately available resource released into the atmosphere by decomposing materials at farms, landfills, wastewater, and other sources. RNG provides a double benefit as greenhouse gas can be captured before being released and therefore before it impacts our climate. We can then harness and purify it to flow through our existing infrastructure in place of natural gas, which is a fossil-fuel. This fossil-free energy is a double win in our fight against climate change. Nearly twenty states across the country have policies that advance RNG for heating.


Green Hydrogen  
National Grid continues to lead our nation in enabling offshore wind development, and these assets can be used to develop hydrogen through the process of electrolysis. Because the only byproduct of this production process is water vapor, the hydrogen produced is carbon-free. Hydrogen is particularly valuable because it can be stored for future use when conditions are such that our wind or solar assets are not producing high levels of power. This is a fossil-free way to decarbonize multiple sectors including heat, power generation, and transportation.

About National Grid

National Grid (NYSE: NGG) is an electricity, natural gas, and clean energy delivery company serving more than 20 million people through our networks in New York and Massachusetts. National Grid is focused on building a path to a more affordable, reliable clean energy future through our fossil-free vision. National Grid is transforming our electricity and natural gas networks with smarter, cleaner, and more resilient energy solutions to meet the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. 
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