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Media Contacts

Contacts for Reporters

Our Media Representatives are available to provide reporters with additional information. Please note that these numbers are for reporters only. Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. ET.

Customers can contact us by phone or email. Details at the following link:

Contact centers in MA and NY

New England

After Hours

(781) 907-3981

Upstate NY

After Hours

(315) 428-3151

Downstate NY

After Hours

(516) 545-4030

Corporate Media Relations

After Hours

(781) 907-3981

Dave Bertola

Buffalo (Western NY)

(716) 831-7136

Send an email to Dave

Patrick Stella

Albany (Eastern NY)

(518) 433-3838

Send an email to Patrick

Jared Paventi

Syracuse (Central NY)

(315) 427-1092

Send an email to Jared

Karen Young


(929) 324-5050

Send an email to Karen

Alexander Starr


(718) 986-0962

Send an email to Alexander

Wendy Frigeria

Long Island, NY

(516) 545-5052

Send an email to Wendy

Christine Milligan


(781) 907-3980

Send an email to Christine

Robert Kievra


(781) 907-3980

Send an email to Robert

Michael Dalo


(781) 907-3980

Send an email to Michael

Emily Demarest

US Corporate

(781) 907-3981

Send an email to Emily

Mary-Leah Messenger

US Corporate

(781) 907-3981

Send an email to Mary-Leah

Molly Gilson

National Grid Ventures

(781) 907-3980

Send an email to Molly

Virginia Limmiatis

National Grid Ventures

(315) 452-7708

Send an email to Virginia

Will Brunelle

National Grid Ventures

(518) 948-8964

Send an email to Will

Peter Delevett

National Grid Partners

(669) 210-5059

Send an email to Peter