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Electric Vehicles

Together, let’s help your customers take charge and go green.

Customers often recognize the benefit of lower emissions. However, there are compelling financial advantages when electric vehicles are compared with gasoline and diesel vehicles, such as:

  • reduced operating expenses
  • increased cost predictability
  • lower downtime
  • greater safety.

Customers can partner with us to install Level 2 or Direct Current Fast Charging Stations (DCFC). For approved projects, our Electric Vehicle Charging Station Program funds up to 100% of the electrical infrastructure and provides rebates on charging station equipment costs. Offers vary by State.

More information by region:

Customers can gain insights into the investment required and potential returns with analysis of:

  • fleet composition, age, and annual mileage
  • fuel consumption
  • maintenance costs
  • operational needs
  • vehicle replacement
  • parking locations
  • existing charging infrastructure.

Our Electric Vehicle Fleet Hub will streamline your roadmap to electrification.