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Your new smart meter

What's happening?

Like any aging appliance, your existing utility meter will need to be replaced soon. We are in the process of replacing current meters with smart meters in many of the regions we serve.

These smart meters incorporate proven, sophisticated technology which will improve service and reliability, while also giving you more control over your energy usage, faster, near real-time energy readings and an overall faster response. Smart meters are part of our ongoing commitment to empower our customers while working to build a more reliable, robust, and climate-friendly energy grid for the future.

More control over usage

You’ll now have much more information about when and how you’re using energy, which can provide you with better insights to make decisions about managing your consumption, and increasing your energy efficiency, your way.

Smart Meters

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Faster Energy Readings

Now, instead of getting monthly estimates or manual readings, get near real-time access to up-to-date energy use data within minutes, through MyAccount.

MyAccount portal

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Faster Response

Smart meters will increase our ability to monitor and respond to power outages. They also allow for certain kinds of remote servicing, for faster response times.

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Installation Day

As installation dates approach for your area, we will continue to provide information and support including timeframes for your meter install. The typical installation should take minutes to complete and will not require you to be at home. Usually, it can take a few days for the smart meter to connect to the network. Once it registers, you should see your usage data in your My Account Portal. In some instances, meter registration could be delayed up to 30 days as we continue to build out the network in your service area. Remember, you can always contact us with further questions before and after.

With gas modules, there should be no disruption in service. Most electric meter installations require an interruption in power, usually for less than 10 minutes. Advanced notice will be provided and installation appointments made for all customers in our Life Support, Blind and Disabled, or Medical Protections programs.

Please visit Frequently Asked Questions for more information.