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How to Read Your Bill

Every National Grid bill gives a breakdown of exactly what you are being charged. Review this sample bill and compare it to your own.

Upstate NY Sample Bill Page 1The top of your bill shows your name, service address, billing period, account number, amount due and due date.Account balance lists any previous balance due, payments received, date paid and your current charges.This section lists National Grid contact information, correspondence address and the date the bill was issued.Summary of current charges lists your current charges for energy delivery and supply services as well as the total charge.This section shows your energy usage history.This section features information on our payment services, energy safety, customer programs and more.This section shows your account number, the due date and the total amount due.
Upstate NY Sample Bill Page 2This section provides information to help you choose an energy supplier.Delivery services lists your current charges for delivering energy from your supplier to your service address.
Upstate NY Sample Bill Page 3Supply services lists your current charges for energy supply and your supplier’s name. You have the option of choosing an energy supplier other than National Grid. Regardless of which supplier you use, National Grid will continue to deliver your energy and provide outage restoration and emergency response.
Upstate NY Sample Bill Page 4The last page of your bill features important customer information including definitions of terms used in your bill.