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Green Button Connect

When you’re looking to lower your home energy costs, third-party companies offer tools and analysis to help you save money. National Grid has partnered with authorized third parties that can help you better understand your home’s energy use, including your costs to operate appliances and heat or cool your home. You can also explore the potential savings of switching to an electric vehicle, adding solar panels, and more.

Securely Share Your Utility Data 

You can now share your utility data (bill history, energy consumption) with National Grid’s authorized external partners. You have to opt-in for this secure option. You can manage and remove your authorizations from your My Authorizations dashboard. We follow the Green Button Connect standard and DataGuard Energy Data Privacy guidelines to ensure your utility data is kept secure during the data-sharing process.

For more information on utility data sharing and consent, contact authorization support.

For Customers

Data sharing is opt-in and requires your consent to share data with a third-party partner.

My Authorizations

For Third Parties

To request data from National Grid customers, you must register as a third-party partner.



Authorized Third Parties

Below is a list of third-party energy companies who have registered with National Grid so you can share data with them.

Amp Energy
ArcTrade Inc.
BES Group Inc. .
Blue Sky Utility
Cascade Energy Inc.
ChargeNet Stations
Cheetah Solar
Community Solar Platform, LLC
Consigli Construction Co. Inc.
Cottage Energy, Inc.
David Energy Supply, LLC
Eco Energy
Ecosave LLC
Ehbed Energy
Empowered Buildings
Enel X
EnTech Boiler Controls
ForeFront Power
Green Bridge Corporation
MaGrann Associates
Nexamp, Inc.
Orange Charger
OYA Renewables
PowerHub Inc.
Secure Energy Solutions
Shell Oil Company (dba Shell New Energies US LLC)
Sirius Solar LLC
Solar Liberty Energy Systems, Inc.
Stanwich Energy
Stem, Inc
University of Texas at Austin
UtiliSave, LLC
Yardi Energy