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Learn About Solar

Whether you are a homeowner or renter, solar can save you money on electricity costs while generating your own power and reducing your carbon footprint.

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Benefits of solar

Solar is one of the fastest-growing sources of clean energy. Here are a few good reasons to consider solar.

Solar Benefits


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Understanding the basics of solar

Solar power is increasingly part of the mix as we work towards net zero and a clean, fair and affordable energy future.

Understand the Basics


Partnering with EnergySage

We are proud to provide the Solar Marketplace, where you can learn more about solar, make informed decisions, obtain multiple quotes from pre-screened, local installers, and more.

Visit the Solar Marketplace: MA Customers | NY Customers


Are you a renter or don’t want to install a solar system?

You can still support solar and save without putting panels on your roof by participating in a Community Solar program.

Community Solar for Business customer

Community Solar for Residential customer