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Residential Solar

How to get started

Are you ready to install solar? Here are the steps.

Getting Started
Learn about incentives & programs

Rebates, tax credits, and special financing options to make solar more affordable.

Incentives & Programs

Installing solar on your roof has many great advantages!


Can reduce Electricity Bills

Solar panels generate electricity from sunlight, reducing the amount of electricity you use from the grid.


Environmental Benefits

Solar energy is a clean and renewable energy. By installing solar, you support a clean energy resource.


Rebates and Incentives

Rebates, tax incentives, and other funding options may help you offset the cost of installing solar.


View our video, 5 Reasons to Install Solar Panels Today

Frequently Asked Questions

Every solar panel system is unique—the number of panels you’ll need depends on how much electricity you want to generate, the efficiency of the equipment, the size of your roof, and your geography. When quoting a solar panel system, installers use design tools to propose an appropriately sized solar panel system based on these factors. Installers will also confirm system size at an in-person site visit prior to installation.

A lot of it comes down to preference. Community solar is a great option if you’re a renter, if your roof is unsuitable for solar panels, or if you’re looking for an easy, low-commitment way to support solar and save on electric bills. If your home is a good fit for solar you may save money in the long run by installing solar panels.

Yes.  While your balance may be $0, depending on your situation, you will still receive a bill each month.

You can’t install a solar panel system on your roof if you don’t own the building. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t go solar! Community solar is a great way for renters to support local clean energy projects and save money on electricity bills—you don’t need to install any equipment to subscribe to a local community solar project.