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Becoming a Supplier or Vendor

National Grid’s customers and employees expect the highest quality of service in every aspect of our business. We require the same from our suppliers and believe quality, service, and cost advantages can best be achieved when customers and suppliers work together.

National Grid’s supplier registration and eligibility process seeks to develop long-term relationships with key suppliers committed to continuous improvement and maintaining the highest standard of quality and service. Our suppliers must demonstrate a solid track record of excellent customer service, on-time deliveries, and superior communication, ethics, and technical expertise.


Transacting with National Grid

National Grid has embarked on an end-to-end Source to Pay transformation journey. Our Ariba Guided Buying e-commerce platform is a key enabler in managing purchase order and invoice transactions between National Grid and our suppliers. Read on to find out more.


Using Ariba

All new suppliers to National Grid are required to join the Ariba Business Network in order to:

  • Receive purchase orders
  • Submit invoices
  • Create and maintain product catalogs (if applicable)
  • View payments

Using a standard business account is free of charge, and no additional software is required to use the network.

For more information on using Ariba, please visit our Supplier Information Portal.


Submitting invoices to National Grid

National Grid only accepts invoices created and submitted through the Ariba Business Network.

Learn more about submitting invoices in Ariba through our Supplier Learning Site.

The Supplier Information Portal also provides ‘how to’ video tutorials to help you transact through Ariba.


Payment Terms

National Grid’s standard purchase order payment terms are 2% 10 days, net 60 days. Please contact your National Grid buyer should you require any further clarification.



National Grid’s incoterm codes and descriptions are detailed below. Please note incoterm codes corresponding to the agreed incoterm are displayed on all purchase orders issued by National Grid.

Incoterm Description
EXW Ex Works
N/A Not Applicable
ZI1 Prepaid and FOB Origin
ZI2 Prepaid and FOB Dest.
ZI3 Prepaid & Add & FOB Origin
ZI4 Prepaid & Add & FOB Dest.
ZI5 Collect & FOB Origin
ZI6 Collect & FOB Destination
ZI7 Per Contact
ZI8 Delivered Duty Paid


The Process

  1. To be considered for any procurement business opportunities, we require all suppliers to register with National Grid. Registering your business is the first step in becoming a supplier but registration does not guarantee eligibility or enrollment.
  2. A National Grid representative will contact you if you’ve been selected to undergo the eligibility process. If eligible to become a supplier or vendor, a National Grid representative will advise you to begin enrollment.
  3. Enrollment is the final step to becoming a supplier and is required to issue a purchase order.


Register Your Business

Thank you for your interest in National Grid. In order to be considered for any procurement business opportunities, we require all suppliers to register their business with us by completing our registration form

It is National Grid's policy to procure goods and services competitively, economically, ethically, and efficiently in accordance with applicable legislative requirements. Sourcing activities comply with the requirements of the Utilities Contract Regulations.

Policy and Informational Documents


Enrollment for Approved Vendors

This enrollment section is for approved suppliers only. A member of the appropriate team will reach out with the required onboarding packet and documentation. Enrollment is required in order to issue a purchase order.


Required Forms for New Supplier Enrollment

If you are a vendor of services as opposed to a supplier of products, you’ll also need to complete the following: