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Weather Normalization Adjustment

Weather Normalization Adjustment (WNA) is a mechanism that adjusts a customer's bill due to variations from normal weather (temperature). For bill periods that are warmer than normal, a surcharge is applied to the bill. For bill periods that are colder than normal, a credit will be applied to the bill. WNA is effective for usage during the months of October through May for customers with gas heat. 

Note 1: WNA factors (expressed in $ per therm) represent 'Service Class' averages. The factor for each customer's account may vary in accordance with the allocation of their base (non-heat) usage and heating (temperature sensitive) usage for billing periods that span a rate change.

Note 2: Usage ranges below are based on a 30 day billing period.

Note 3: See further explanation of the 'Weather Normalization Adjustment' and an example of the calculation.

Note 4: Access the Public Service Commission (PSC) website for the most current 'Weather Normalization Adjustment' (WNC) statement.

Note 5: For bills that are for non-standard periods (e.g. bill dates not listed below) contact Customer Service for additional information.

Note 6: Beginning on May 27th, 2024, Gross Revenue Taxes will be excluded for the WNA factors displayed on this page.

Applicable to Firm Sales and Transportation customers in the following Service Classifications:

     SC1B      Residential Space Heating
     SC1BR   Residential Reduced Rate Heating
     SC1DG   Residential Distributed Generation
     SC2B      Non-Residential Heating
     SC3B      Multi-Dwelling Heating
     SC16       Year-Round Space Conditioning