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Allowing us to enter your home, or business, to obtain an actual reading of your gas meter on the scheduled date ensures that you will be billed for the actual amount of gas you’ve used during the billing period.

Here are some ways to help our meter reader get a reading:

  • Check your bill for your next meter reading date and write it on your calendar
  • Arrange to admit our meter reader on the scheduled date
  • Please confine pets while the meter reader is on your property
  • Keep your gas meter free of obstacles like boxes, toys, laundry, etc.

When you cannot be available for the meter reading date shown on your bill, please choose one of the following options so that your bills are based on actual meter readings.

Enter a meter reading online by logging into your account. If you haven't setup one yet, it’s quick and easy to register for an online account.

Call our automated service on the day of your scheduled meter reading at (718) 643-4050 between 7 a.m. - 10 p.m., 7 days a week. Please have your National Grid account number ready when calling.

Learn more about automated meter reading (AMR) devices.

If you can, leave a key with a next-door neighbor. Just make sure to tell us the address.

Some customers prefer to loan us a key. We keep customer keys in a secure, confidential file. The tag attached to the key does not have a name or address, but is identified by a confidential code.