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National Grid Progressing Restorations Following Damaging Winter Nor’easter

Mar 15, 2023 - 9:40 AM




Storm Response


WALTHAM, MA – Following a damaging nor'easter that impacted Massachusetts beginning Monday evening, bringing heavy, wet snow and gusting winds that toppled trees and took down power lines, National Grid remains focused on the safety of its employees and communities during clean-up, repairs, and restoration.

More than 95,000 customers have had service restored since the storm began, with roughly 14,000 customers currently without power, mainly in the Berkshire, Worcester, Essex, Hampshire, Middlesex, and Franklin counties. Additional crews have been shifted to these areas and are working to restore power, combating damage in the area, including downed wires, damaged equipment, and falling branches. Uncleared roads in certain areas have also impeded access. National Grid understands that no one wants to be without electricity and will continue to work around the clock until each customer has been reconnected.

"Our crews have been working through challenging conditions and remain dedicated to restoring customers as quickly as possible while keeping our teams and the public safe," said Tanya Moniz-Witten, Vice President of New England Electric Operations. "We are on track to restore most customers by tonight, and we will continue working until every last customer has had their service restored."

National Grid had tracked the storm for several days and was well-prepared to respond, with overhead line, forestry, wires down, transmission, underground, and substation workers mobilized across staging sites in Massachusetts.

The company has deployed over 3,000 personnel to respond to the storm, removing downed wires, fallen trees, and other hazards before restoring power by repairing lines and replacing poles and other equipment. The company has brought in crews from nine different states to assist with restoration efforts, including Connecticut, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. 

This remains a multi-day restoration event, and National Grid expects most customers affected by the outages will have their power restored by Wednesday night, while there will be some pockets without power into Thursday. Crews will continue to work until every customer's power is restored.

The Company offers the following tips and reminders:   

Customers Should Stay Connected:  

  • Report power outages at or call 1-800-465-1212.
  • Use your mobile device to track outage information and storm-related safety tips through National Grid’s mobile site, accessible at
  • Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and Instagram; we post all the latest storm and restoration updates.
  • Track outages and estimated restoration times at
  • To stay connected during storms and outages, text to 64743 using any of the below commands.
    • REG to sign up for text alerts
    • OUT to report an outage
    • SUM followed by your town, county, or state to get a summary of outages in your area
    • HELP for the complete list of commands 


Stay Safe: 

  • Never touch downed power lines, and always assume that any fallen lines are live electric wires. If you see one, report it immediately to National Grid or your local emergency response organization. 
  • Power problems can sometimes interrupt public water supply systems or disable well pumps, so it’s an excellent idea to keep a supply of bottled drinking water handy, as well as some canned food. 
  • People who depend on electric-powered life support equipment, such as a respirator, should let National Grid know. To register as a life support customer, call the company’s Customer Service Center at 1-800-322-3223. 
  • Check on elderly family members, neighbors, and others who may need assistance during an outage.   


Electric Safety:

  • If you use a generator to supply power during an outage, be sure to operate it outdoors. Before operating generators, disconnect from National Grid’s system by shutting off the main breaker located in the electric service panel. Failure to do this could jeopardize the safety of line crews and the public. 
  • If you lose power, turn off any appliances that were on when the power went off, but leave one light on so you will know when power is restored. 


Gas Safety

  • If you suspect a natural gas leak:
  • Get Out - All occupants should leave the house immediately. Do not use the telephone or light switches for any reason.
  • Call Us – After leaving the house and reaching a safe environment, call the National Grid 24-hour gas emergency numbers: New England:1-800-640-1595
  • Stay Out - Do not return to your home until National Grid tells you it is safe.


Reminder: It’s not safe to work in an elevated bucket during periods of increased wind gusts. Our line workers begin restoration work only when conditions are deemed safe. 

About National Grid

National Grid (NYSE: NGG) is an electricity, natural gas, and clean energy delivery company serving more than 20 million people through our networks in New York and Massachusetts. National Grid is focused on building a path to a more affordable, reliable clean energy future through our fossil-free vision. National Grid is transforming our electricity and natural gas networks with smarter, cleaner, and more resilient energy solutions to meet the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. 
For more information, please visit our website, follow us on Twitter, watch us on YouTube, like us on Facebook and find our photos on Instagram.

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