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National Grid Provides $76,000 Energy Efficiency Incentive to Starpoint Central School District

Jun 04, 2024 - 9:00 AM


Upstate NY



A recent energy efficiency investment at Starpoint Central School District included significant LED lighting technology upgrades at four buildings at its Lockport, N.Y. campus that will improve the learning environment for more than 2,900 K-12 students. The district’s capital project included replacing nearly 5,600 fixtures and lamps that were approaching end of life with advanced LED lighting, an initiative that was supported by a $76,000 National Grid energy efficiency incentive.

“One way to reduce our budget expenses is to lower operating costs and strive to become more energy efficient,” said David Ciurczak, Starpoint Central School District’s Director of Facilities, who worked with National Grid Energy Efficiency Specialist David Jager to procure the incentive for the new lighting system. “More important, undertaking a project of this scope improves the learning environment for our students. The ability to address our needs in many areas in multiple buildings was made easier with the program and incentives that National Grid provided.”

Ciurczak added that the LEDs, some of which are equipped with motion sensor and occupancy sensor controls, will reduce the district’s annual electricity bills by approximately $45,500 per year and reduce CO2 emissions by over 500,000 tons.  He also anticipates continuing discussions with National Grid to identify other energy-efficiency projects to achieve additional cost and energy savings for the district.

“Many schools keep the lights on for much of the day, which is why lighting systems often account for a large portion of a school district’s energy consumption,” said National Grid Regional Director Ken Kujawa. “And when a district like Starpoint moves forward with an LED lighting upgrade, the results can include lower costs, reduced energy use and a more comfortable learning environment.”

Funding for the Starpoint Central School District project was provided through National Grid’s Energy Efficiency Program, which includes financial incentives for commercial and industrial customers who reduce electricity costs. Incentives are available for customers who install energy-efficient lighting, controls, HVAC equipment, motors/electronic speed controls and other systems that reduce energy use and/or enhance productivity.

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