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As part of our continuing commitment to customers and communities, we will keep you informed of our April 2017 rate case proposal for upstate New York here.

After more than a decade of stable energy bills and $6 billion in infrastructure investments, National Grid on April 28, 2017 filed a proposal to reset electricity and natural gas delivery prices for our upstate New York customers beginning in April 2018.  We are pleased to report that the Public Service Commission has approved the three-year rate agreement we had reached with regulatory staff and other parties.  The multi-year proposal, which includes the impact of federal tax changes, significantly reduces bill impact for customers. The new delivery prices will allow us to modernize our electricity and gas networks, improve customer service – including programs that help our most vulnerable customers – promote economic growth, and integrate new technologies that support the demands of a modern energy system.  Under New York public service law, rate cases require regulatory approval and must undergo an 11-month review process that includes a number of opportunities for public input.

New delivery rates will take effect April 1, with typical residential electricity bills increasing by about 3 percent and gas bills increasing by less than 2 percent in the first year. Subsequently, increases for residential customers’ total monthly gas and electricity bills will range from $3 to $3.25 for each commodity in year two and year three of the agreement.

National Grid’s electricity business serves 1.6 million customers in more than 450 cities and towns across 24,000 square miles in upstate New York. Our gas distribution business serves more than 600,000 customers across portions of central, northern and eastern New York.

Visit the links on right to find out more information about why National Grid is investing heavily in our electricity and gas networks in upstate New York to modernize and improve the safety and reliability of our system.