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Investing in the Future of Energy in Upstate NY

Public Service Commission Public Hearings now scheduled

National Grid Proposes Continued Investment in Upstate New York Gas and Electricity Systems While Providing Millions of Dollars for its Most Economically Vulnerable Customers

As part of our continuing commitment to customers and communities, we will keep you informed of our July 2020 rate case proposal for upstate New York here.

National Grid’s current three-year rate agreement expires March 31, 2021 and the company has submitted a request for new delivery prices beginning in July 2021. The new rates would cover the costs of providing service to upstate New York customers and includes enhanced energy affordability programs and services, continued deployment of economic development programs that grow the economy, and unprecedented investment in energy efficiency and demand response programs to help customers manage their energy usage and bills.

Under the proposal, residential electricity customers would see an average bill increase of 4 percent or $3.43 per month. Residential gas customers would see an average bill increase of 6 percent or $4.53 per month. The company originally planned to file a request for new rates in April but delayed that filing until July 31 due to COVID-19. We hope to work with PSC staff, customer advocates and other stakeholders to reach a multi-year agreement that would phase in new rates to further mitigate customer bill impacts. Reaching a settlement that spreads the increase over three years and includes deferral credits and other offsets, for example, could reduce the first-year delivery price impacts by more than half.

National Grid is also proposing up to $50 million in COVID-19 relief to support the company’s most economically vulnerable residential customers as well as businesses that are struggling. The company will work with New York Public Service Commission staff, customer advocates and other stakeholders to determine how best to allocate the assistance to those most in need across its upstate New York service area. Eligibility and program details will be determined by working in collaboration with these parties and will include the opportunity for public input during the PSC comment period as the programs are being defined. Once approved by state regulators, we will announce details of the program.

National Grid’s electricity business serves 1.6 million customers in more than 450 cities and towns across 24,000 square miles in upstate New York. Our gas distribution business serves more than 600,000 customers across portions of central, northern and eastern New York.

As progress continues we will include links on right to find out more information about why National Grid is investing heavily in our electricity and gas networks in upstate New York to modernize and improve the safety and reliability of our system.