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Electric Commodity Portfolio Hedging Performance Reports

Electric Commodity Portfolio Hedging Performance Reports are filed quarterly with the Director of Office of Electric, Gas and Water per PSC Case 06-M-1017 disclosing the historic market prices and utility hedged portfolio prices, for the purpose of monitoring and reporting the electric price volatility and the impacts of portfolio hedging efforts.

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  • ESC—Electric Supply Charge (Electric Supply Cost pursuant to Rule 46)
  • DCA—Delivery Charge Adjustment
  • CAC—Commodity Adjustment Charge
  • CTC—Competitive Transition Charge
  • NYISO—New York Independent System Operator


  • NYISO Index Price is National Grid's Rule 46 Electric Supply Charge (ESC) adjusted for Spot Capacity prices; the monthly value reported is as of the 28th of each month.
  • Commodity Supply Price is comprised of National Grid's Rule 46 ESC (adjusted for Spot Capacity prices) + DCA + CAC + a portion of the CTC.
  • The SC1 Commodity Supply Price also includes all NYPA Hydropower benefits and charges.