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Lower energy use on high demand days and earn incentives year-round.

Energy use peaks during certain seasons, especially on the hottest and coldest days of the year.  When you cool your home or small business using electricity during summer or keep it warm using natural gas in winter, ConnectedSolutions will reward you for using less energy during those peak times.  

When you use less energy on peak demand days you help manage the cost of energy, protect the environment and infrastructure, and you help our communities stay safe and comfortable.

Participate in our ConnectedSolutions programs.

We offer both electric and gas demand response solutions. Each program has unique requirements and rewards and depending on your fuel service you will need to enroll in both, separately to enjoy the benefits of the gas and electric rewards year-round.

Select a program below to learn more.

ConnectedSolutions - Electric

Get incentives for enrolling in ConnectedSolutions Electric to automatically pre-cool your home or small business and reduce your electric use during peak demand periods on the hottest days of summer.

Summer Program
Runs: May 1 to September 30

ConnectedSolutions - Gas

Get incentives for enrolling in ConnectedSolutions Gas to automatically pre-heat your home or small business and reduce your natural gas use during peak demand days. This typically occurs during winter when low temperatures are forecasted to be 3° F or below.

Winter Program
Runs: November 1 to March 31