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ConnectedSolutions Electric

Make your smart thermostat look smarter with ConnectedSolutions Electric

Whether you are a homeowner or run a small business, ConnectedSolutions Electric works with connected devices to reduce electric use during periods of high energy demand.

Earn a $30 instant incentive, and a $20 annual incentive* for every thermostat connected to a central air conditioner.

*Beginning in the second year of participating in the program, and each subsequent year you are enrolled.

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How it Works


On hot summer days, when the grid is stressed, it is important to conserve energy. Reducing energy at these times reduces energy costs and decreases pollution.

National Grid has made it easy for you to conserve energy at these peak times. After you enroll your qualified thermostat, National Grid will automatically send a signal to your thermostat to precool your home or small business before the peak event and increase your thermostat setting during the peak event.

Here is some information on when peak events may occur:

  • May-September
  • Non-holidays


There are typically 10 – 15 peak events every summer.

You can opt out of a peak event anytime by changing your thermostat setting.

You can opt out of most or even all peak events; however we may unenroll you from the program for the following year if the program is not a good fit for you.

To be eligible, you must be a National Grid New York residential or small business electric customer and have central air conditioning in your home or business.

The thermostats supported by this program are:

  • Building36
  • ecobee
  • Emerson
  • Honeywell Home (including Lyric)
  • Lux
  • Nest
  • vivint.SmartHome
  • Ecobee


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A central air conditioner is an air conditioner that cools an entire (or at least the majority) of a home or small business.

For Homeowners, a supported Wi-Fi Thermostat can be purchased at:

For Small Businesses please call 1-800-332-3333 for information.

Unfortunately, you are not eligible* for ConnectedSolutions if you don't have a central air conditioner. Explore our website for other ways you can save energy.

*To be eligible, you must be a National Grid New York small business or residential electric customer and have central air conditioner.

To improve your experience, we are currently upgrading our system. If you would like to unenroll, please email with your name, address, and thermostat type (Nest, Honeywell Home, or ecobee) and we will help you to unenroll.