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How National Grid Can Help

At National Grid we take the issue of climate change very seriously. One way we're addressing the issue is by supporting electric vehicle initiatives.

National Grid believes that by 2030, clean electricity will be the fuel that moves most people and things from place to place in the communities we serve, and we hope to play an active role in helping our cus­tomers transition to electric vehicles. That's partly because emissions-based vehicles are recognized as a leading contributor to climate change. We have several current and planned programs to support our customers in the transition to clean electricity.

Family around electric car

We'll help you:

  • Become educated on the benefits of clean transportation with our Electric Vehicle Hub.

  • Understand the ins and outs of shopping for an electric vehicle with the EV Advisor.

  • Purchase a Level 2 home charging station on the National Grid Marketplace.

  • Charge on the go with our expanding EV public charging station infrastructure.

  • Provide programs that may reduce your energy bill and your impact on the grid.

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