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Drive Clean Across Nantucket

By Lena Sternburg 

I recently teamed up with National Grid and went on a road trip to Nantucket in support of their Drive Clean Across Massachusetts initiative. I was shocked to learn that transportation accounts for over 40% of all greenhouse gas emissions in the Northeast, and I am so happy knowing companies like National Grid are working hard to offer greener alternatives.

I had an absolute blast driving an electric vehicle around Nantucket on National Grid’s behalf! Upon arrival, I immediately went to one of my all-time favorite ice cream shops, Island Kitchen. If you’re from New England, you know how seriously we take our ice cream, so for a place to thrive for over a decade in the most quintessential summer spot is a great sign. I was impressed by how many charging stations exist on the island and how much of a commitment National Grid has made to building a smarter, stronger, cleaner energy system. They are working hard to deliver a stable and reliable charging infrastructure to meet the growth of EVs.

EV in front of home

If you’ve spent any time in Nantucket, you know that almost everything has to be brought over to the island, so the idea of being free from gas was so liberating and incentivizing, not to mention so much cheaper. EVs have come such a long way from the first models that were available, and it’s worth noting that the car not only drove all over the island without needing a charge but also felt powerful through all the different terrains.

picture of Old Sconset Golf Course sign

As of now, only around 25,000 EVs are on the road in National Grid’s Massachusetts electric service territory. But in a world seeking sustainable solutions to combat environmental challenges, EVs are such a thrilling, responsible, and easy way to do your part. It’s exciting to see EV ownership rise as the cost of EVs continues to drop and charging stations become more readily accessible.

Photo of EV interior

National Grid has already enabled the deployment of over 1,800 charging ports across their jurisdictions, with more than 40% of them located within environmental justice and disadvantaged communities. They aim to enable more than 30,000 charging ports for residential, public, workplace, and fleet customers, which is a meaningful way to contribute to the crucial role that EVs play in preserving our planet.

Driving an EV was such a fun experience that combined ease with a sense of pride, knowing I was making an environmentally conscious choice. EVs represent a fundamental shift toward a more sustainable and eco-friendly future. I’m proud to be a customer of a brand like National Grid that has made a continued commitment to improving our environment.