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Eco-Friendly Indulgence - An EV Ice Cream Road Trip

By Armani Thao

Is there a better way to spend a summer day in Massachusetts than embarking on a delightful ice cream adventure—while driving clean in an electric vehicle with National Grid? This day trip was not just about indulging in sweet treats but also spreading awareness of National Grid’s clean energy mission. Their goal is to have 200,000 EVs on the road by 2025.

Our journey began with a visit to the beloved Kimball Farm Ice Cream Stand in Westford, followed by a stop at a charging station to experience the simplicity of EV charging. Our final destination was Sandy’s Chill Spot in Bellingham, where we discovered an array of fun and unique ice cream options. As we enjoyed the road trip, we had the chance to reflect on the environmental benefits of driving an EV and the pivotal role of National Grid in promoting a clean energy future for all.

Armani posing with EV eating ice cream

Kimball Farm Ice Cream Stand: A Sweet Start to the Day

Our first stop brought us to the Kimball Farm Ice Cream Stand in Westford, MA, a place cherished by locals and visitors alike. National Grid graciously treated guests to free ice cream, offering a perfect opportunity to engage in meaningful conversations about the company’s clean energy mission. As we savored the flavors, we couldn’t help but appreciate the synergy between indulging in delicious ice cream with the community and advocating for clean energy practices.

Armani in front of Kimball Farm ice cream sign

Charging Up for a Greener Tomorrow

After enjoying our ice cream, we made our way to a nearby EV charging station. National Grid’s commitment to building a robust charging infrastructure was evident, as charging the EV proved to be simple and hassle-free. With most current EV models offering up to 230 miles or more with a single charge, the anxiety of range limitations has become a thing of the past. We marveled at how EVs have evolved to be a practical and eco-friendly choice for modern-day transportation.

Photo of EV charging at charge station

Sandy’s Chill Spot: A World of Ice Cream Wonder

Our next destination, Sandy’s Chill Spot in Bellingham, is a haven for ice cream enthusiasts seeking innovative and exciting treats. Their offerings range from ice cream-filled donuts to ice cream nachos to ice cream cookie sandwiches. The creativity behind these delectable options left us in awe. As we indulged with the rest of the customers behind us who were able to grab a treat on National Grid, we chatted about the importance of clean energy initiatives. Did you know The Federal Plug-in Electric Vehicle Credit provides up to $7,500 in tax credit toward the purchase or lease of an EV?

Man eating ice cream in front of an EV

Driving Clean: A Choice for the Environment

Throughout our road trip, we were deeply impressed by the experience of driving an EV. Regardless of the make or model, every EV on the road contributes to a cleaner and more sustainable environment. With more than 1,800 charging ports currently available across National Grid’s jurisdiction and more than 40% located within environmental justice communities, the company’s ambitious goal of establishing over 30,000 charging ports by the end of 2026 in Massachusetts will undoubtedly accelerate the transition to clean energy alternatives.

National Grid’s dedication to increasing the awareness, accessibility, and affordability of clean energy solutions is commendable. The company’s efforts not only involve expanding charging infrastructure but also engaging communities and educating individuals about the benefits of EV adoption. By spearheading this initiative, National Grid is paving the way for a cleaner, greener future, making it a leader in the sustainable energy movement.