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Scooping Through Salem

By Ashley Gelin

I recently took an electric vehicle on an amazing road trip through Massachusetts—and it was quite the experience! The purpose of my trip was to learn more about National Grid’s Drive Clean Across Massachusetts initiative, which is all about promoting clean energy and helping Massachusetts get 200,000 electric vehicles on the road by 2025.

I was excited to be a part of this eco-friendly mission, and driving the EV turned out to be an absolute joy. The ride was so smooth and, more importantly, made me feel safe as I cruised along. But we have to rewind for a second—once I found out I’d be hitting the road with National Grid, it felt like a no-brainer to turn to my online community to pick an ice cream shop to visit along my route. Not only did I learn about the benefits of driving electric and how National Grid is helping to create a greener future within Massachusetts, but I also got to feed my sweet tooth along the way. The majority of my audience voted for Melt Ice Cream, which happened to be a delicious choice.

Image of Ashlee with camera

To begin my day, I stopped at a local restaurant to grab breakfast and get charged up (pun intended!). Then, with the perfect playlist on, I headed toward the historic coastal city of Salem.

I couldn’t resist exploring downtown Salem, with its unique shops, historic sites, and stunning art museums. As a nature lover, I was eager to visit Salem Willows Park, which offers a scenic view and a waterfront area perfect for relaxing by the coastline. And guess what? I found an arcade where I let my inner child run wild.

Picture of Melt Ice Cream shop sign

I hopped back in the EV for a short drive to my next destination: Melt Ice Cream! They’ve been around for over a decade and make their ice cream on-site. Their bold and innovative flavors, like potato chip toffee and honey lavender, were a delightful surprise. Plus, they often rotate flavors, so there’s always something new to try…

Once I finished eating the ultimate ice cream cone, it was time to refuel at an EV charging station. Luckily, National Grid has been doing a fantastic job enabling the deployment of over 1,800 charging ports throughout their jurisdictions, with 40% located in environmental justice and disadvantaged communities. Their goal is to enable more than 30,000 charging ports for customers by the end of 2026. The supercharging station I used was mind-blowing—it could charge up to 200 miles in less than fifteen minutes! And while waiting, I could monitor the charging status on a convenient screen.

Ashlee with ice cream

Driving an electric vehicle was an exhilarating experience—it almost felt like I was piloting a spaceship. This road trip sparked my interest in learning more about EVs and their positive environmental impact. I can totally see myself owning an EV in the near future as they become even more accessible.

Massachusetts and National Grid’s efforts towards clean energy and supporting EVs are commendable, and I’m grateful for this unforgettable road trip. If you’re ever considering a road trip in an EV, go for it—you won’t regret it! And make sure to stop for some ice cream along the way.