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MA SMART Market Net Metering Bill

For Massachusetts customers

For customers who generated more electricity than was used this month

This sample bill gives a breakdown of what you are being charged.  Review this sample bill and compare it to your own.

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MA SMART Market Net Metering Bill  - Page OneThe difference between how much electricity you generate and use. A negative Total Usage number means that you generated more electricity than you used for that billing period.Net Met Cr: The net metering credit is the sum of the following: distribution, transmission, transition, and fixed basic service. Review our service rates and supply costs.
Distributed Solar Charge: Rate to cover costs of solar program in MA. This is based on the total usage for the month. We take your generation and add it to your net usage to determine how much power you consumed for the month.
Market Net Metering Credit is based on 60% of your excess generation. For this example, 543 kWh were generated. The credit is calculated using 60% of that, 326 kWh.

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