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Multifamily Program

We can help make your buildings safer and smarter.

Incentives for keeping costs down and occupancy up.

Keeping your multifamily dwellings full while keeping overhead costs down is possible with the right energy upgrades—even during these times. We’re here to help you take advantage of the right programs and secure the incentives and expert guidance you need to ensure safe, healthy, cost-effective living environments.

How to get started.

When you're ready, apply for assistance and incentives or get more details:

Apply Online OR Call 1-855-926-7543

Featured programs for Long Island customers:

You may be eligible to receive high-efficiency showerheads, faucet aerators, and thermostatic shut-off valves for your multifamily dwellings. Call 1-800-427-6318 for more information.

NYC Benchmarking Law

Building Grades sign

We've got the services, incentives and expertise to help you meet the regulations of New York City's Benchmarking Law, while improving your building's energy performance and value.

How we can help


Program Success Stories

See how these downstate New York multifamily dwellings used energy efficiency to keep costs low and tenant satisfaction high.

IWC Bed-Stuy Portfolio, LLC

Selah Realty LLC

Brooklyn and Long Island Multifamily Properties