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Help Reading Your Bill

Watch our How to Read Your Gas Bill video

We recently updated our billing system to provide you with a new, easier-to-read bill design. Watch our How to Read Your Gas Bill video to see what your new bill design will look like.


What type of bill do you have?

If you can't find the type of bill below, please use the basic bill as a guideline for how to read your bill. 

I have a basic bill.

Choose this bill if you receive our standard bills, or if you don't see your bill type.

Basic Bill
I have a budget bill.

Choose this bill if you're currently enrolled in our Budget Plan program. 

Budget Bill
I have an agreement bill.

Choose this bill if you currently have a payment agreement in place. 


Agreement Bill
I have an energy supplier.

Choose this bill if you currently have a preferred energy supplier set up with National Grid.

Energy Supplier Bill
Bill Related FAQs

Common questions and answers to your real-life calls, as well as explanations of gas and electric terms.

Billing FAQs