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Payment Agreement Bill

How to Read Your Bill

Every National Grid bill gives a breakdown of exactly what you are being charged. Review this sample bill and compare it to your own.

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Payment Agreement Bill - Page 1Your account number is unique to your premise. If you are a National Grid customer with multiple premises, each premise has its own unique account number. Treat your account number as confidential information.This is the potential date that your meter will be read. The day when your meter is read marks the end of a billing period and the beginning of a new billing period. A billing period typically ranges from 27 to 33 calendar days.This section summarizes all the charges that make up your "Amount Due".If you have any unpaid charges, it will be added to your new balance - which will be reflected in this section of your bill.The number of days within your service period can affect your current charge. Also, the weather/temperature can affect your bill amount. Watch this video to see how.An Actual or Estimated Read is based on our ability or inability to obtain a read off of your meter. Estimated read is based off of the average usage for the same period last year.This is the total quantity of gas you used within the billing period. Note that gas is measured in therms and CCF (Cubic Feet).We take quantity of gas used between your previous meter reading and current meter reading. Then, we multiply that quantity by 1.0341 - which will give us the amount of gas therms used. The "Therms" tells us how much heat was required at your premise. The higher your therms, the higher your bill.This is a summary of your gas usage in the past year. You may notice a trend in your usage during the winter or summer seasons. After paying this month's bill, this is how much you will still have remaining from previous unpaid bills. Over time, as you still to the terms of your agreement, this will disappear.This section gives a detailed breakdown of your "Delivery" and your "Supply" charges. To understand how Delivery and Supply works, click here.

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