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High-Efficiency Water Heating

Father and son laughing with shaving cream on their faces. A water heater appears on the right of the image.

Let the savings, comfort and efficiency flow.

You could start saving money right away with rebates on a high-efficiency water heater.

Saving money and energy is always important. New, high-efficiency water-heating equipment can help you do both. That added efficiency is good for your budget—and the environment.

To see if now is a good time to upgrade your water heater, check the age and health of your current water-heating equipment. After all, we understand that nobody wants to experience a breakdown in the middle of winter.

Use this chart to see if it's time for you to switch to the savings, comfort and peace of mind of a high-efficiency model.

Type of Water Heater Average Effective Unit Life Span (Years)
Heat Pump Water Heater 10
Indirect Water Heater 11
Storage Water Heater (Gas) 15
On-Demand Water Heater 20

Learn about qualifying equipment, working with contractors and finding rebates for high-efficiency water-heating equipment that saves energy without sacrificing performance.

Electric heat pump water heater

Savings through Mass Save®, if qualifications are met when replacing an existing heater.

Save $750

Gas storage water heater

Take advantage of rebates for qualifying storage water heaters.

Get $100 rebate

Combination boiler-water heater

One solution for all of your space- and water-heating needs.

Get $2,400 rebate

Gas on-demand water heater

Get exclusive rebates for qualifying on-demand water heaters.

Get $700 rebate