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Home Energy Assessments

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Energy efficiency makes saving energy and money easy. 

Looking to save on energy costs and make your home more comfortable? It starts by wrapping your home in layers of savings and efficiency – with insulation that’s like a comfortable sweater and air sealing that’s like a warm jacket. These work together to save you energy all year long.

To get started, schedule your no-cost Home Energy Assessment.
Call 1-866-527-SAVE (7283).

What can weatherization bring to your home?

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Lower energy costs.

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Year-round comfort

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Improved heating and cooling efficiency

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Defense against dust and allergens

Start saving energy and money in four simple steps.

Step 1 Schedule an appointment and provide basic information about your home.
Step 2 An Energy Specialist will assess your home’s current energy use, in person or virtually, and will provide personalized energy-efficiency recommendations.*
Step 3 Get no-cost energy-efficient products.
Step 4 Receive 75-100% off approved insulation, no-cost air sealing and additional rebates toward qualifying energy-efficient equipment.

*Option to collaborate with an Energy Specialist over the phone or video chat for personalized energy-efficiency recommendations.


What you’ll receive.

Your energy specialist will create a customized energy report tailored specifically to your home. Then, energy-saving products recommended during your assessment will be delivered at no cost. These include:

Power strip icon

Advanced power strips

Showerhead icon

Low-flow showerheads

Faucet icon

Faucet aerators

Thermostat icon

Programmable thermostats

Based on your assessment, you may be eligible for:

  • 75-100% off approved insulation and no-cost air sealing
  • Generous rebates of up to $2,750 on qualifying energy-efficient heating, cooling and water-heating equipment
  • Information on how to qualify for a 0% interest loan for eligible energy-efficiency improvements

The average value of home weatherization installation for our customers is over $4,000.**

Virtual no-cost Home Energy Assessments

In addition to in-person Home Energy Assessments, we offer virtual no-cost Home Energy Assessments. To be eligible for a virtual no-cost Home Energy Assessment, customers must:

  • Be a homeowner
  • Live in a one- to four-unit home
  • Have full access to the house and the ability to install recommended instant-saving products received
  • Be comfortable working with the energy specialist over the phone and able to use technology such as video chat and/or sending photos of the home over email

Please call 1-866-527-SAVE (7283) for more details.

This program is available to residential customers of National Grid. Eligibility for some rebates/incentives is based on findings from the Home Energy Assessment.

By taking advantage of a Home Energy Assessment, you’re not only improving your home’s energy performance and saving money, you’re getting the experience of making hands-on improvements while learning about your home.

Call 1-866-527-SAVE (7283) to schedule.

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**Based on historical program participation data.