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Income Eligible Services

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Income Based Offers

No-cost energy-saving improvements for your home.

With rising energy prices this season, more and more customers can use extra assistance. National Grid is here to help you manage higher energy bills with incentives for energy-saving home improvements of 100% off, based on income eligibility. The Income-Eligible Energy Savings Program is designed to ensure you and your family benefit from a home that’s healthier, more comfortable, and more affordable. It all starts with a no-cost Home Energy Assessment. View the income-based eligibility guidelines below to see if you qualify today.

You may be eligible if you are on a National Grid discount rate code or if your pre-tax household income and household size meet the guidelines listed in the chart below based on annual household income*:

Number of Household Members Income Eligible Program Enhanced Residential Program
< $42,411 $42,412-$56,548
< $55,461 $55,462-$73,948
< $68,511 $68,512-$91,348
< $81,561 $81,562-$108,748
< $94,610 $94,611-$126,147
< $107,660 $107,661-$143,547
7   < $110,107 $110,108-$146,809
8   < $112,554 $112,555-$150,072
9   < $115,001 $115,002-$153,335
10   < $117,448 $117,449-$156,597
11   < $119,895 $119,896-$159,860
12   < $122,343 $122,344-$163,124
13   < $124,788 $124,789-$166,384
14   < $127,235 $127,236-$169,647
15   < $129,682 $129,683-$172,909
16   < $132,129 $132,130-$176,172
17   < $134,576 $134,577-$179,435

* updated October 2022

If you don't meet the above qualifications, we're still here to help. Visit our Home Energy Assessment page to see what you may be qualified for.

Request your no-cost Home Energy Assessment.

The first step is to schedule a no-cost Home Energy Assessment. Right now, we are offering assessments both over the phone or in person at your home: it's your choice, whichever you prefer. Here’s how it works:

Step One

Call us at 1-866-537-7267 to schedule an appointment with an Energy Specialist.

Step 2

The Energy Specialist will perform a complete assessment remotely over the phone, or will visit your home and perform the assessment in person following all safety and social distancing protocols.

Step 3

They will identify areas where you can save energy and money.

As a thank you for completing the energy-efficiency assessment, you will receive at no cost:

light bulb

LED energy-saving light bulbs

water faucet

Water-saving faucet aerators

shower head

Low-flow showerheads

Advanced power strips

Advanced power strips

Programmable or Wi-Fi thermostats

Programmable or Wi-Fi thermostats

Plus, potential no-cost upgrades installed at follow-up appointments could include:

No-cost services:

  • Additional attic, wall and basement insulation
  • Air sealing of leaks
  • Weather stripping
  • Heating systems, including the option of switching from oil or propane to efficient electric heat pumps

No-cost appliance upgrades:

  • Replacement heating system
  • Replacement refrigerator
  • Replacement freezer
  • Replacement clothes washer
  • Replacement dehumidifier
  • Replacement window air conditioning unit
  • A programmable or Wi-Fi thermostat

Schedule an assessment.

To schedule your Home Energy Assessment, call Mass Save® at 1-866-537-7267 or your local Community Action Program (CAP) agency.

Watch our Income-Eligible Energy Savings Program Video

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This program is designed for income-eligible Massachusetts one- to four-unit homes. If you live in a building with five or more units in which at least half of the residents meet income eligibility requirements, you may be eligible to be served by our multifamily program. Please have your landlord or condo association visit or call 1-617-348-6425.