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7:00 am Update: Our 3,000 field workers continue cleanup and repairs after severe thunderstorms and tornadoes pummeled parts of upstate NY Tuesday. We are making steady progress in hazardous conditions and continue to work with local officials and emergency responders to coordinate restoration efforts. Damage is widespread and significant, particularly in the Mohawk Valley and Eastern NY.  Our crews will remain in the field until every customer is returned to service. Never touch downed power lines, assume they are carrying live electricity, and report them at 1-800-867-5222 or by calling 911.

Commercial and Fleet EV Charging Programs

Partner with National Grid to install electric vehicle (EV) charging. Our programs offer incentives and opportunities to install EV charging stations, save on electricity costs for charging stations, and convert fleet vehicles to EVs. Be an environmental leader.

To see how the program is performing, review the New York Joint Utilities Make-Ready Program Progress.


Partner with us to build your organization by installing electric vehicle (EV) charging stations!

Charging Station Site Hosts

National Grid's Make-Ready Program will fund up to 100%* of the electric infrastructure costs associated with installing electric vehicle charging.

When you add EV charging, you're not just providing customers, employees, and tenants with convenience and connectivity; you're demonstrating your sustainability commitment to the entire community.

Let’s get started.

Step 1. Learn about the Program by reading the Program Brochure.

Step 2. Review the EV Equipment Requirements and check the Disadvantaged Community Eligibility Map and Solutions for Multi-Unit Dwellings and Curbside EV Charging to see if your project qualifies for additional funding.

Step 3. For those looking to install DCFC and other large EV charging station load, make sure to check the EV Charging Station Capacity Map.

Step 4. Select an Approved Contractor who will be your partner in installing the right EV solution for you. They can walk you through the Application Requirements and discuss your EV project construction.

Step 5. Review the program Terms and Conditions and have your Approved Contractor apply on your behalf.

Have questions before you get started? Contact us and we can answer your questions and help you select an approved contractor.

Are you interested in becoming an Approved Contractor? Apply online or contact us to find out more about why you might want to join our growing network of Approved Contractors!

*National Grid covers up to 100 percent of electric infrastructure associated with new EV charging stations, for approved projects.


Partner with us to help you through the process of converting your sedans, delivery vans, school and transit buses, trucks, and other fleet vehicles to electric alternatives.

  • We can help you determine electricity available at your depot and the potential bill impact or savings with our Fleet Assessment Services:
    • Site Feasibility Analysis: Determine power demand, distribution impacts and potential cost-saving synergies
    • Rate Analysis: Understand the electricity costs required to electrify your fleet, potential managed charging solutions, and rate options available to reduce your energy bills

  • Fleets of all types are also eligible for the Demand Charge Rebate (DCR) Program, which provides a 50% rebate of their billed demand charges. Demand Charges are billed on a per kW basis, based on the peak demand usage in the billing period. This can save customers hundreds of dollars per month per DCFC charger! See the 'Demand Charge Rebate Program' drop-down below for additional details and to apply

  • We can also help fleets of all types install EV charging stations at lower costs:
    • Light-duty fleets (for Class 1 and 2 vehicles, or <10k lbs.): Apply to the EV Charging Station Make-Ready Program following the steps above

    • Medium- and Heavy- duty (MHDV) fleets (for Class 3 and larger vehicles, or >10k lbs.): National Grid can fund infrastructure investments to enable MHDV EV projects, with funding of up to 50% of customer-side infrastructure costs and up to 90% of grid-side costs for eligible projects. Customer-side incentive infrastructure caps are up to $220 per kW for DCFC ports, and $3,500 per port for Level 2 ports. To be eligible, customers must either:


Questions? CONTACT US

The Demand Charge Rebate Program (DCR Program) provides eligible commercial EV Charging customers with a 50% rebate on their billed demand charges. Demand charges are billed on a per kW basis, based on the peak demand usage in the billing period. To learn more about the DCR Program for Level 2 and DC Fast Chargers, please review our program summary.

▶ See our DCR Program FAQ to learn what a Demand Charge is and if it applies to you


Please fill out the application below to apply to the Demand Charge Rebate Program.


National Grid’s Electric Vehicle Demand Charge Rebate Program

Please complete this form and provide the documentation requested. Each application can only be associated with a single utility billing account (or meter), so applicants with EV chargers on multiple meters must submit separate applications for each billing account.

For questions about the DCR Program or this application, feel free to reach out to the National Grid EV Team at

* indicates required fields

SECTION 1: Applicant Information

This form is ONLY for entities that are Commercial Electric Customers with EV Charging in Upstate New York. Please ensure you have authorization to submit this form on behalf of the customer.

If there is an additional contact person who should be contacted to answer questions about this EV Charging site, rebate payments or this application, provide their contact information.


EV Charger site address (Note this should match the Service address on the bill, See DCR Program Customer Bill Guide for help finding the Service Address)

Clean Energy Portal Training

Clean Energy Portal training on how to register, access to Portal, process applications and more.

Clean Energy Portal Training