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Energy upgrades that lower costs and improve your facility.

Healthcare facilities everywhere are under pressure to keep quality care up and overhead costs down. The right energy-efficiency upgrades can help you achieve those goals as well as:

Elevate safety for patients, staff and visitors—By implementing energy-efficient heating, cooling and air quality control measures, you're creating a healthier and more comfortable environment for everyone.

Raise satisfaction scores—When patients and staff are more comfortable, your all-important CAHPS scores will go up, which can have a positive impact on your reputation and reimbursements.

Reduce maintenance and repair costs—When you improve the reliability and efficiency of your energy systems, you also minimize maintenance time, leading to reduced costs and more productive staff.

Improve recruitment and retention—As you know, the healthcare community is very close-knit. So, when you build a reputation for employee comfort and care, it helps attract the best of the best.

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We offer programs and incentives for:*

Energy Management Systems Network Lighting Controls High Efficiency Heating & Cooling Compressed Air
Pipe Insulation Lab Hood controls Steam Traps Kitchen Equipment
Hot Water usage Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Custom Projects  

*Incentive offers vary by service territory.


Find savings specific to your region

It doesn't matter what type of business or building you want to upgrade, we can help, with programs tailored to your specific region: MassachusettsUpstate New YorkNew York CityLong Island.


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