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Frequently Asked Questions


An updated construction schedule will be posted online once work commences. Please check back weekly for news and updates.

Please check back once work commences.

Along the service road of the Long Island Expressway in the public right of way.. 

The work involves the installation of new infrastructure to increase the reliability of the existing system throughout the downstate New York region.

We are making investments to reinforce our local energy system to ensure our customers receive safe and reliable energy service.

Yes. Our top priority is the safety of our customers, the general public, and our employees and contractors. The professional construction firms we work with also place safety as their top priority.

No, there are no planned service interruptions as part of this work.

The final phase of Northwest Nassau project will begin in Spring 2024 and will continue through 2026. *Construction schedule subject to change.

Traffic will be impacted during work hours along the Long Island Expressway service road. Our team is working with Nassau DOT and other partners across the project route to ensure the safety of the streets on which our work will take place and mitigate traffic issues to the greatest extent feasible. Detour Signs will be posted on nearby streets and a traffic flagger will be on-site during construction hours if needed.

No. All work will take place within established utility corridors.

Our contractors will make efforts to keep disturbance to a minimum, including any sound mitigation they can safely utilize. There will be noise associated with this project. Most of that noise will occur while excavation is underway as contractors use heavy equipment.

Please call our hotline: 516-882-4864 or email us at to speak with the outreach team.