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ConnectedSolutions Battery Program

Earn incentives with a battery storage system.

You could earn an average of $1,500 per year.

During the hot summer months, ensuring a safe, reliable supply of electricity to the community is essential. Battery storage systems can help—while also offering backup power to your home in the event of power outages. When you enroll a qualifying battery system in ConnectedSolutions, you can earn an average $1,500 each year by allowing us to discharge your battery during periods of peak demand. It’s a great way to earn incentives, while helping reduce pollution and keep electricity costs down.  

Connect with a battery storage partner


Don’t have a battery system yet?

When you enroll in ConnectedSolutions, you may qualify for 0% financing of your new battery system. When combined with annual incentives, this is a great way to pay off your investment.

Zero-interest equipment financing.

Customers are eligible to apply for a zero-interest HEAT Loan for the equipment and labor costs associated with installing a battery storage system. If you’d like to receive an authorization form, please mark the appropriate field on your ConnectedSolutions application.

Take the first step toward a more sustainable energy future and select your equipment from an approved battery storage partner.


Here’s how the program works:

Battery storage


If you don't have a battery, choose from from one of the battery storage partners below. With a proposal from your selected installer, apply for 0% financing at HEAT loan and install your qualified battery.


Lightswitch Panel

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Once your qualified battery system is installed, select your battery storage manufacturer below to enroll in ConnectedSolutions.


Lightswitch Panel


During the hottest days of the year, your battery will automatically discharge to reduce the stress on the grid and help you earn rewards.


Lightswitch Panel


Keep powering your home on your own terms while helping to reduce air pollution and keep energy costs down.


Connect with a battery storage partner


Connect with a battery storage partner.

Energy-sharing events through our ConnectedSolutions program call on your battery system to automatically discharge during peak demand days, which occur as follows:

  • From June 1 – September 30
  • Between 3pm - 8pm
  • No more than 60 times each summer
  • A maximum of 3 hours per event
  • You can opt out at any time


Participating customers will receive an incentive every year based on the performance of their battery system at a rate of $275 per kW performed between June 1 and September 30. On average, customers have received $1,500 per year.

The incentive rate is locked in place for the first five summers the customer is enrolled in ConnectedSolutions with all new systems. Your battery system performance will vary based on size, configuration, internet connectivity and other factors.

Download Terms & Conditions and other program information


Approved battery storage partners:


A home battery storage system operates like a rechargeable AA or AAA battery, but at a much larger scale. Home battery systems can be discharged when needed, e.g. when the power goes out (if the system configuration supports this) or when there is a ConnectedSolutions event.

To participate, customers must work with one of the approved inverter manufacturers listed above. Please follow the links above to find the right solution for your situation.

Many customers install energy storage systems in preparation for power outages. We want to ensure that customers with solar batteries remain prepared if the lights go out. 

In New England, most power outages occur during the winter, whereas most ConnectedSolutions events will be in the summer. Additionally, if the forecast calls for extreme weather, we will not call a winter event, allowing ConnectedSolutions participants to keep fully-charged batteries in preparation for a possible outage event. Customers may also choose to participate in the summer season and forgo the winter incentive.

Yes. If we cannot communicate with your energy storage system, or if your energy storage system cannot discharge when needed (due to a maintenance issue), the incentive paid will be affected.

Customers who don’t have a renewable energy system but do have an energy storage system that charges from the electricity grid may participate in ConnectedSolutions. If the customer will be discharging electricity to the grid, they must go through the normal interconnection process.

Yes. However, some incentives, such as SMART and the ITC, have limitations on charging from the grid. Please consult your inverter manufacturer or installer for more details.

The SMART incentive program and the Federal Investment Tax credit also have restrictions on charging from the grid.

Yes. Customers with existing solar PV systems can add an energy storage system to their home to participate. However, storage cannot be easily added to every solar PV installation. Please ask your solar installer or inverter manufacturer for more details.

When you add a battery system to your existing solar PV system, your solar interconnection agreement will need to be updated. Please work with your solar installer or inverter manufacturer to complete this update.

To end your participation, please contact your inverter manufacturer or send an email to