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Natural Gas Safety

Natural gas keeps you and your loved ones warm and comfortable. Yet like any other energy source, gas can be hazardous and must be used with caution. 

Report an Emergency

If you suspect a gas emergency, report it immediately to 
1-800-233-5325 or 911

Report a Gas Emergency
Carbon Monoxide

Learn what carbon monoxide is, the symptoms of CO poisoning, and how to handle a suspected leak.

Carbon Monoxide
Odor Fade & Purging Operations

Do not rely on your sense of smell alone to detect natural gas.

Odor Fade
Pipes on Your Property

Planning to dig on your property? Have a clogged drain? Learn what to do to prevent accidents.

Pipes on Your Property
Gas Equipment & Appliance Safety

Tips for safely using generators, space heaters and other appliances.

Equipment & Appliance Safety
Pipeline Safety

Pipelines play an important role in our nation’s energy infrastructure. Together, we can safeguard them. 

Pipeline Safety