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Over the extended Memorial Day weekend, from May 22 through May 27, some of our regular services and bill payment options will be temporarily unavailable due to a system update.  As always, we’ll continue to respond to gas and electric emergencies 24 hours a day. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Electric Demand Response Programs

For Commercial Customers

Our Electric Demand Response Programs can pay you to reduce electric usage on days when the electrical system may exceed acceptable performance levels. This typically occurs during warmer months, when homes and businesses are using lots of energy for cooling during very hot days. Your participation helps keep electric rates down by decreasing the need for costly infrastructure upgrades and improving overall grid reliability. All you need to do is temporarily reduce your electrical usage when requested. In return, your business will be credited for every kWh reduced.

If you’re ready to get started, you can enroll in the program using a Curtailment Service Provider (CSP). If you do not currently have a CSP, you can choose one from the list below.

If you are able to reduce by 50 kW or more on your own, you can apply to join the program directly through National Grid by completing the application below. Applications and any questions can be submitted to us via email.

Email Us   Program Application   View CSRP Flyer

Customers are also eligible to participate in the NYISO programs.

The following are incentive payments for both the reservation and voluntary payment options for both planned and unplanned events.

Commercial System Relief Program (CSRP)

  • Reservation Payment Option: $2.75/kW/month for the reservation payment + $0.18/kWh for the performance payment for planned events. 
  • Voluntary Payment Option: $0.16/kWh performance payment for planned event and $0.19/kWh performance payment for unplanned event.

Term- and Auto- DLM

Work with your curtailment service provider (CSP) to determine your participation rate for either of these programs. If you do not currently have a CSP, you can choose one from the list under “Getting Started”. For additional information on these programs, please review the flyers below.

Customers can participate under the Reservation or Voluntary Payment Options:

  • The Reservation Payment Option is for customers who agree to provide a certain amount of load reduction during DR events and are paid a certain dollar amount per kW curtailed per month during the summer capability period, regardless of whether a DR event was called or not. Customers under this option are required to participate during all contracted hours and during all test events. Test events will have one-hour duration and will be called during the four-hour contracted hours window.
  • The Voluntary Payment Option is for customers who don’t participate in the Reservation Payment Option. In this scenario, customers only receive an incentive per kWh for performance during a demand response event.

Incentive Statement

  • Participants must be a National Grid electric customer in New York State.
  • Participants must have a communicating Billing Interval Meter. If you are interested in participating but do not currently have a communicating Billing Interval Meter, please call customer service at 1-800-932-0301 to inquire about obtaining an interval (hourly) meter from National Grid.
  • Participants must be served under service classification numbers 1, 1C, 2, 3, 3A, 4, 7 or 12.
  • Customers must enroll by April 1 for a May 1 start and enroll by May 1 for a June 1 start for the capability period.
  • Customers are eligible to participate in more than one program – but performance payments may be limited in the case of overlapping events.

CSRP Program Guidelines   Customer Load Procedure

Demand Response events can be planned or unplanned.

  • Planned events will allow customers to be given up to 21 hours of notice prior to a DR event.
  • Unplanned events are called with less than 21 hours of notice or when events are called outside of the contracted hours.
  • All events will be called in May, June, July, August, and September, and the capability period is between May 1 and September 30.
  • All events will be called Monday through Friday and will not be called on weekends or holidays.

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Term-DLM and Auto-DLM Program Request for Proposals

Interested aggregators – visit the solicitation page or download our program flyers to learn more about these programs.

Interested customers – contact your CSP.

▶ Solicitation Page
▶ Auto-DLM Flyer
▶ Term-DLM Flyer

Other ways we can help your business save:

Keep costs down and sustainability up with our energy-efficiency and sustainability programs for businesses in upstate NY.

Extend your participation to the next season and earn incentives for reducing gas demand during peak times.