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Demand Response

Demand Response programs pay you to reduce electric usage when our system needs help. These programs can help keep electric rates down by lowering utility costs and by helping keep the lights on by improving reliability. All you need to do is temporarily reduce your electrical usage when requested!

Commercial System Relief Program (CSRP)

Demand Response

CSRP participants are called one day ahead of a forecasted peak-shaving need. These calls for electric load reductions typically occur on our hottest days when the electrical system may exceed acceptable performance levels.

There are times throughout the summer when electricity use in our community reaches its highest levels. By reducing overall energy demand during these events, we can decrease our need for costly infrastructure upgrades and minimize carbon emissions. That’s why National Grid is working with experienced Curtailment Service Providers (CSPs) to offer our commercial and industrial customers generous incentives to participate in this Demand Response program.

An overview of the CSRP Program and detailed Program Guidelines are available here.

Contact one of our active CSPs to tap into their demand response expertise:

Centrica Business Solutions Optimize, LLC (Formerly Direct Energy): 732-516-7530 or

CPower: 844-996-4743 or

Enel X (formerly EnerNOC): 888-363-7662 or

NRG Energy: 877-711-5453 or

Rodan Energy Solutions: 609-201-2171 or

Voltus: 413-864-2007 or

National Grid strongly encourages participants to work with CSPs to facilitate the enrollment process and participation in demand response programs. CSPs can provide program information and ensure that all the requirements to participate are met.

Incentive Payments:

The following are incentive payments for both the reservation and voluntary payment options for both planned and unplanned events:

    • Reservation Payment Option: $2.75/kW/month for the reservation payment + $0.18/kWh for the performance payment for planned events.
    • Voluntary Payment Option: $0.16/kWh performance payment for planned event and $0.19/kWh performance payment for unplanned event.

Find out more about the incentive payment options.

Eligibility Requirements for Participants:

    • Participants must be located in National Grid’s service area.
    • Participants must have a communicating Billing Interval Meter. Please call customer service at 1-800-932-0301 to inquire about obtaining an interval (hourly) meter from National Grid.
    • Participants must be served under service classification numbers 1, 1C, 2, 3, 3A, 4, 7, or 12

You may apply through National Grid, however, we do encourage customers to apply through an aggregator.  If you are able to reduce by 50 kW or more on your own, you can apply directly with National Grid by completing this application. Applications and any questions can be submitted to us via

Customers are also eligible to participate in the NYISO Programs.

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Term-DLM and Auto-DLM Programs

The Term-DLM Program is a peak-shaving program offered across the Company’s service territory which is called upon no less than 21 hours’ advanced notice.  Term-DLM events are called during specified 4 hour windows, on weekdays between May 1 and September 30 of each capability period. 

The Auto-DLM Program is a peak-shaving and local reliability program which targets specified, constrained areas within the Company’s electric service territory.  Auto-DLM resources need to meet higher availability and faster response time requirements than Term-DLM participants.  Auto-DLM resources need to be available 7 days a week, between the hours of 6AM and 12AM from May 1 through September 30 of each capability period and must be capable of responding to an event dispatch within 10 minutes’ notice. 

Both the Term-DLM Program and Auto-DLM Program offer resources a long-term contract for load relief, which are procured annually, via competitive solicitation.  Interested customers should contact one of our active Curtailment Service Providers, listed above. 

Interested aggregators should visit the Term-DLM and Auto-DLM solicitation page to learn more